Broke, not poor

Not too long ago, a few friends posted about seeing posts by people, who complained about not earning enough. Now, these priviledged people were not complaining about the fact that they were not earning enough, but the fact that they were not earning enough to support all of life’s little luxuries. Yes, they were not complaining about not earning enough to go out for luxury meals and pay for their luxury cars. Thus, they were poor.

Yes, you read that right. They were POOR because they couldn’t afford life’s luxuries. They are poor because they can’t go out with their friends to expensive restaurants. They are poor because they are paying for a car they can no longer afford.

Excuse me while I laugh.

You see, I’m in the same boat. Since I left my old job, I admit, I’ve had to cut back on expenses greatly. I don’t really have enough money to spend on caramel frap, not enough to drive almost everywhere, and definitely not enough to even think of buying stuff online (especially clothes).

But I am not poor. I still have a roof over my head. I cook at home when I have the time/inclination. I have enough money to keep my car running (aka petrol). I have enough money to pay my phone and Internet bills. The most important thing is that I have not have to ask my parents for money.

And really for me, that’s the most important thing. If you do not have enough money to eat, to pay for life’s neccisities, then you are poor. But if you are complaining that you don’t have money to go eat at Italiannies when you have at least enough money to buy chicken rice…

I don’t know what else to say.