Worrying that everything might break
I fear tomorrow
But I know that I won’t find any answers
by looking at the day after tomorrow

What will I draw on the blank canvas of tomorrow that stretches endlessly?
What will I draw on the black canvas of tomorrow that’s been dyed by reality?
With struggle, it will shine

In this limited amount of time
I’ll try to draw myself
That’s all I need for now

Complication by Rookiez is Punk’d

To fight for what you believe in and to keep moving forward is my current life motto. I made a conscious decision to get out of the river I was in to do what I’m doing now, and when things look bleak, I turn to the legacy my grandfather left me.

Appreciating music that gives me a reason to hang on.

There’s a saying I saw on the Nanowrimo forums once: We write because somewhere out there, someone needs to hear and read the words we’ve written. The words we write today is meant for someone. Sometimes it could be us. Most times it’s for a complete stranger, upon which our words can spur them to action, or give them the impetus they need to hang on.

It’s why I’m so easily influenced by the power of words. It’s the main reason why I’m sitting here, listening to Rookiez is Punk’d asking themselves what will they write tomorrow. It’s the reason why I’ll do what I do to make tomorrow a day to remember. It’s the reason why I’ll roll out of bed tomorrow to battle. It’s the main reason why I hang on to survive.

Dreams give you a reason to survive. Life is a journey. The canvas we paint will be the only legacy we leave behind for those who matter.

So I ask you:

What will you paint?