A suggestion to Puteri Umno

Dear Puteri Umno

With regards to your sanitary ads causes social ills reasoning, here’s a proposal for you. It’s got all the prerequisite you seem to desire:

– does not promote social ills
– is made of green technology

I’ll even give it to you for free!

Here’s what I suggest:

Instead of using harmful sanitary pads that make you feel sticky, bloated and wet, use coconut husks! It protects you not only against messes, but should a man try to get frisky when you don’t want him to, it’ll be a great cock-blocker too! For added comfort, wrap said coconut husk in an old sarong! At the end of the day, throw away the husk and wash the sarong to be worn another day.

Green and helps prevent social ills, no? I look forward to hearing your experiments with this.

A Malaysian woman who understands the evils of pads

2 thoughts on “A suggestion to Puteri Umno”

  1. Please tell me Puteri was not THAT stupid as to complain about something they should know better than to complain about.

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