Nano Villain: Rosselius

Origins: Jiat
Appearance: Something similar to Break of Pandora Hearts, has an eye missing
Defining trait: He’s been dead this past 2000 years. Harbour an intent to take over Jiat, the conscious planet.

Other notes:

I really don’t know anything much about Rosselius except that he’s considered the second most powerful Magician ever seen on Jiat. In previous encounters, it took all six Xi’an of Jiats to take him down. When you consider that Rosselius draws his magic from within himself and the spells he casts while the Xi’an tend to rely on the power that Jiat provides, the power difference is enormous. Rosselius’ only weak point is that he needs to vocalise his spells. This is easily circumvented by the simple act of possessing someone. As I mentioned, Rosselius HAS been dead for the past 2000 years, but every so often he possesses or enters into partnerships with other magicians. When possessing them, Rosselius gains access to all of their powers plus his own arcane talent. With a patience that can last millennia, he’s truly terrifying for the elaborate schemes he cooks up.

Author’s note: This may or may not have been inspired by Geoff’s description of Wilhelm in Xenosaga. I think it was, cause Rosselius appeared about 2 days after I read that entry.

Edited cause I am dumb.

3 thoughts on “Nano Villain: Rosselius”

  1. I’ve always wondered – you post lots of notes and musings about your characters, but I’ve never read at least 30% of any given story. Is it because you want to publish it later? Fear of theft? It’s in a sekrit blog where I must acquire the password by defeating the gods of the internet? What? @@

    1. Yes, you must wade through the Hills of Insanity and arrive at the Temple Of Sporadic Inspiration and beseech the Gods of FRETFUL MUSES before you can even ask them to grant the password, hidden in the Insipid Mind.

      Nah, not really. It’s more like I write these notes for myself so I have a reference when I’m writing them in my novels. Majority of these notes come out in the short stories that are published here and the nanowrimo chapters I’ve written. Those I’ve not published because I’m either a) too lazy to edit or b) horrendously embarrassed by them.

      This one though, was written because I was complaining in the Nanowrimo IRC channel that I had a villain who wouldn’t let me off if I didn’t give him SOME kind of writing time. So I am posting it here in the hopes SOMEONE will take him off my head. If you want, you can grab Rosselius for youself.

      1. It’s a cool concept, I’ll see if I can slot it in somewhere.

        And btw reading the link you posted, he wasn’t describing The Boss, he was describing Wilhelm from the Xenosaga series.

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