[Dreams] Working Backwards

Working backwards from the memory that’s the clearest to the haziest.

Dreamt I had a child in the aftermath. The child was playing with the little girl I had been looking after when the earthquake happened. This child and the little girl who was was now 12, ran up a pair of escalators. I watched them go with the little girl’s mom. When they reached the top, a pair of men appeared and stole my child. I ran after them, screaming, but they were away before I knew it. Somehow I knew this wasn’t the first time they had done so to me it was very similar to my other dream where they had forced me into a corner and was getting me to kill for them. And I had the feeling that they were coordinating the dreams I had with my other selves. It felt like they were transdimensional thieves.

Before that, what happened was that I was on a bus filled with schoolkids. Some were as young as 7, others were in their painful adolescence. We were trying to escape a catastrophe that was about to hit earth, and basically we were on teh road when the earthquake happened. Before the earthquake happened, I remember clearly we were helping kids put on their seat belts; I was in the bus with a bunch of other teachers and the kids were told to put on their seatbelts. I spent quite a bit of time adjusting the seat belts of the little ones before having to threaten the older ones with theirs.

Yes these were seat belts in a bus. Apparently the bus was made with this in mind.

We got onto the bus because the planet we were on had gotten in between an inter-space dispute. Two other races were fighting over something and were about to take the planet we were on to the grave to prove a point. I dreamt that I was the only one who knew how to stop these guys because I knew how to operate the ancient machine they were going to use to to blow up the planet. A machine that had massive lava in the centre. As the kids (I was in a school when negotiations failed) were sent to the bus, I was battling to get to the top of the school where the machine was.

Before this, it was much more vague. I think I was dreaming as a character in my nanonovel. Then it led to the sequence of events mentioned above.

This is starting to get just a little bit freaky.