Wait, remotely?

For most people on my Twitter list, they’ll be more than aware that I’ve been having problems with my Internet connection. I’ve spoken to P1 several times over the past five days and the sum of those conversations came up to:

We’ll investigate > New base station is the only answer > We’re probably opening a new one soon somewhere next year > No promises though cause it depends also on whether the Govt will give us permission to operate it after testing cause apparently some residents complain about the last time we opened a base station there > Otherwise we can send technician there to pick up your modem and terminate till new base station comes up

So far, this is nothing I haven’t heard of before (well except the new base station in 2011 thing) but what shocked me was what happened after that.

You see, I complained to Sri (the guy who called me) that I was annoyed that I could not change the DNS servers at the modem level with the new modem. This is an old complaint, but I like the ability to use the DNS servers I set instead of P1’s (they screwed up fantastically last year when their routing tables blocked Dragonica, Maple Story and FF.net).

So when I got the new modem and couldn’t set the DNS servers, I complained but didn’t really do anything about it. The only thing, the RIDICULOUS thing about this was that I had to set the DNS server at the COMPUTER level instead of the modem level. Which is useless because in the end, the address was going to hit the P1 DNS anyway no matter how the request went through. I wanted it to bypass P1’s DNS routing completely.

Till today.

I mentioned to Sri that I wanted to set the DNS servers on my own, especially since the modem I had did not let me do that. He said he would get back to me and asked me what DNS server did I want to be set. I told him and he mentioned something about him “going into my modem and looking at it from his office.” This surprised me.

“You can enter my modem from where you are?”

“Yes, Ms Geminianeyes.”

This made me queasy, but since he said he would check it for me (as apparently the DNS settings in the modem had been shifted around) I kept my peace. Two minutes later, I lost connection, and looking at my modem, I realised what the 3 blinking lights (yellow, red and green all at the same time) meant.


Of course, I tweeted about this. And Sri did not offer any apologies nor did he seem to understand that I do NOT LIKE HAVING MY CONNECTION BEING TOUCHED WITHOUT AT LEAST A WARNING OF WHAT IS HAPPENING. There is a reason why I constantly harrass you for certain settings because I would prefer to do them myself so I can learn. At the same time it gives me control over my data.

I DO NOT APPRECIATE BEING TOLD THAT it was done remotely without my permission. Knowing that a company CAN and HAVE gone into your modem without your knowledge is a scary thing. It is an invasion of my privacy.

Please do not do that. AGAIN. EVER. Or to anyone else at all.

I’d like to change providers but I has no money nor alternative (bro says steamnut is still slow and he’s only playing FB games, so that is NOT an option).