[Nanowrimo] An Interlude

So, Juufy sis broke my brain with images of Yura in that sex meme. To regain it, I was to make Isla Yura introduce my story. He didn’t quite come right in the beginning, but this is what he did anyway:

We now bring you a message from Isla Yura!

“Hellooooooo everyone! How’re we today! Normally I’d tell you about dear Master Oz and Master Jack but ah! Today I’ve been loaned to tell you the story of Tattoos, Guns and Prayers! Now, this beautiful piece will be written In the month of November, and it’ll be an exciting thing, won’t it! Ah, it’s got blood, guts, gore, all the wonderful, wonderful recipe of success!”

Yura disappears for a moment and soon returns, wearing a crimson outfit in contrast to his purple one earlier.

“Oh, and these people are just like me! They’re trying to open the dimension to a new world where their Master resides, where there’ll be no more suffering and a golden peace will soon come! But ah! Why must they make us the villains again?” he sobs into a handkerchief. “What’s wrong with wanting peace? We just want to go to the Abyss where there’ll be nothing but paradise! Why do they torment us so?”

And now, with that, back to the story.