Morning LOLs

And now, for something non-writing related! 

It’s 8.45am in the morning. I’ve been in the office for slightly under two hours. So when Shiro plurked about the Tarot Birth Card Calendar, I had to try it out for myself. I find it horrendously amusing that I received the pair that had the Emperor and Death in it. The reason why this is amusing? I just wrote about a Lord in my Nanonovel (who’s basically the ruler of his realm in this case, which would, by some not-so-impressive stretch of imagination) make him an Emperor, and the Goddess of Death just came to visit before he did. I am amused. 

But in any case! What I find most intriguing is the summary of the pairs themselves. As it says: 

Tarot Birth Cards – Death and The Emperor

Death and the Emperor together, combined as a pair of Tarot birth cards make a strong pairing. It is a popular misconception that the Death card normally means the death of a person. More generally it is representative of changes and the ending of cycles. When something comes to an end it means that a new beginning will ultimately follow. When this occurs then the Emperor is invoked to add his guiding light to the situation. He is a force for good in a rapidly changing environment and helps by wielding his power and authority to provide a stable back ground to any new or challenging situation. This is so that any new cycle ushered in by Death can move confidently forward towards its end goal.

While this does sound reassuring, I’ll wait till the current changes in my life have been fully affected before commenting further. On another note, in the same page, they provided the Hebrew letters associated with the cards. For Death it’s Nun. For the Emperor it’s Heh. 

When you consider that I used to aspire to be a Nun, this is supremely ironic.