Fitness First: Definitely sounding like a scam

The best hallmarks a scam is that they’ll ask you to pay, but when you chase them for enquiries, they take forever to get back to you.

So it is with Fitness First the Curve, Malaysia, which is really starting to sound like a well-planned scam I did not see coming. You see, even though the story has been published in the Malay Mail and I’ve dropped a note to the Fitness First management over at their website, it seems that Fitness First the Curve is DETERMINED to drag their feet over the matter. I emailed them about two weeks ago.

On Saturday, 4th November 2010, I received a response from one Amanda Cook, apparently the manager of Fitness First Curve, promising to look into the case. She asked for some information which I provided. This was her email (attaching screenshot to take note of the date):

Dear Ms Geminianeyes,

Thanks for your email. I am the General Manager at Fitness First The Curve. I am actually off work tomorrow as I have a doctor’s appointment. Please can you allow me to look into this with my Front of House Manager Siti and find out exactly where the problem lies with you and your brothers membership details. I am sure we can get to the bottom of this for you both.

In the meantime, if you don’t mind, can you please inform me exactly who it was that you spoke to at the front desk on all the occasions – if you can remember. I can follow up with them on Saturday when I return to the office.

Kind Regards,
Mandy Cook
Club General Manager
Fitness First Malaysia – The Curve Platinum

First Letter FROM Fitness First Malaysia

I replied kindly with a (again, screenshot attached for date reference):

Dear Ms Cook

I spoke to Anne and Siti. Most times, it was handled by Anne. According to your counter staff, this isn’t their fault, but the admin side’s. As weird as it is, I am inclined to believe them, as this is not the first time your admin has done a shoddy job. Previously it took THREE months for our Bodyfirst rebate to be reflected. Mine took two months because I deliberately left my account low so you couldn’t deduct the full amount and I had to pay by cash instead. My brother’s took at least 3-4 visits AND filling out the forms twice AND threats to not pay for the refund to be deducted. Incompetent much?

As I mentioned earlier, I don’t really care about the subscription anymore. I just want to terminate my subscription for me and my brother, with effect from 1 December 2010. I see no reason to continue my membership when following the guidelines set by Fitness First themselves lead to frustration and wasted time.

First Reply to Fitness First Malaysia

This was followed by complete SILENCE for the next one week. When I realised that Fitness First would not make the first move, I got pissed off. The result was this email, sent the following week (Screenie at the bottom as usual):

Dear Ms Cook

It’s been one week since your last email. I’ve provided you with the information you want. What else do you require? If you do not respond by 5pm this evening, I’ll be lodging a report for unlawful use of my account and lodging a complaint with both the banks and Small Claims Tribunal on Monday 15 November 2010. Please do not waste my time and keep me hanging on for a response. Thank you.

Second Reply to Fitness First Malaysia

Surprise surprise! They called me on Saturday, the next day. The girl in charge wanted to ask me for “my side of the story” as apparently she had been told a different version by the counter staff. I told her what I mentioned above, and told her in no uncertain terms were they to deduct my account beginning 1 December 2010, as my brother and me wanted nothing more to do with them. She said she understood, and then told me that she would be calling me back on Monday to settle this. I told her that I would not be available till after 12.30pm, to which she replied that she would be calling me after that.

Guess what?

It’s Tuesday and I’ve heard NOTHING from them.

8 thoughts on “Fitness First: Definitely sounding like a scam”

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  2. I’m not surprised about this at all. I know Mandy Cook in person and she is not a very competent or pleasant person to know. That’s why she was downgraded from Fitness First in Thailand to her role in Fitness First in Malaysia.

    Good luck with it all though!

  3. Sorry, what I meant to say was that her title in these 2 countries are different. She previously was a senior mangager, and now she’s non-senior.

    Although you may say that your conversation in the English language may have failed you because you may have misunderstood her, your English is not that bad considering it most likely is not your native tongue/1st language. As a native English speaker, I can confirm that Ms. Cook’s English skill levels are not up to scratch. This is evident by her emails which are littered with mistakes.

    What you do have to know when dealing with Ms Cook if the issue still is not resolved is that you will need to really push her. She’s the type that looks down upon Asians (the typical mat salleh who has to escape Europe because they feel inferior). Also you have to know how to bypass her BS.

  4. Please don’t sign up with them..I am having problem with them also and it still not settle. Request for suspension since July 2011. It was not done. Was promised to return call, i end up have to call them many times!..everytime i ask why they never return my call, their answer always ” i am about to call”..even, the answer given was, their manager is too busy?..she can only call you tomorrow (which is saturday).. well, weekends are menat for fmly day,i don’t entertain nonsense on saturday.

    So people, don’t waste your time with FF..they are the biggest loser, i read Numerous complaint from around the world abt them.
    Am getting a lawyer friend to send them a letter..we should pursue to consumer tribunal on this..let’s compile our cases and sent it off to tribunal..serve them right!. . they are arrongat mat salleh..even at the Damansara HEights outlet..i guess they are all the same..Don’t care attitude..

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