Fitness First: Last thoughts

As I mentioned in this entry, the Fitness First saga, for now, has been concluded. This side quest seems to have been completed successfully with needing just the time period of one month for me to finish the last few details.

Despite saying that, there are still a few things that bug me about the way Fitness First handled my complaints. These relate mainly to the way they communicated with me.

As I mentioned in this post, Fitness First took their own sweet time to contact me. Now, when I spoke to Ms Cook about them, she said that Fitness First did try to contact me, but they kept getting a busy signal.

Which struck me as odd, as my default setting for calls if you can’t get through is for them to go to my voicemail. Also, they had my email address. Would it really have been too hard for them to just email me to say, “Hey, we tried to call your phone but it was engaged, so could you give us a ring back or something?”

Also, NLP training for the win! They were prepared to rebut my points, but completely neglected to realise that I was not complaining about what had been done to my own account, but rather, it was my brother’s account. :3 So once we pointed that out, we more or less settled the issue.

Ah well. No more auto-debit for me. Nor credit cards either. I’m going cash all the way.