[Nano] Do I dazzle you?

This was written on a dare by the Neon. :3 Also I have not forgotten writing meme, but am a bit too lazy + busy to post it.

“Good morning, dear Star. Do I dazzle you?” his smiling face, albeit cleaned of grit and glowing with health this morning, greeted her as she turned over and woke up from her sleep.

Sukina’s mind immediately snapped into defense mode. In a split second, she had taken in her surroundings and the role she was expected to play. The memories of the night before, when he had started the spell and overcame her defenses made her choose a self-defense technique that she hated but one that she thought would be appropriate.

She shrieked and started throwing things at him, beginning first with the pillows that had cradled her head. He laughed and moved away, evading the pillows easily. This was quickly followed by her grabbing things from the bedside table, which were much harder and of a much more dangerous quality, including but not limited to the candle stick, random books, and other paraphernalia. Princess tantrum mode? Very much so.

It was then he spoke, and very quickly too, offering a truce.

“Please! Hear me out, Star! I mean you no harm!” he ducked as a candlestick flew over his head, but as he straightened himself up, a book hit him square across his face, its cover opening to slap him hard. This had the effect of making him lose his balance, and as Anra fell backwards, landing on some pillows and hitting himself (as he fell to the ground holding his face) on the aforesaid candlestick. Only then did Sukina stop.

She remained in bed though, suspicious of him.

Anra took his time to sit up, sensing that the danger, for now, had passed. He opened his eyes to find Sukina staring at him, a jewelled box in her hands this time. That alarmed him, and he removed one hand to entreaty her to stop while the other was pressed to his nose. Sukina watched him as he did so, then noticed that he had blood dripping down.

“Puwhease,” Anra entreated, his words coming out odd as he pinched his nose. “Hweft mi xpain,” he said.

“You’d better,” Sukina got out of the bed and went to him.

As she did, she was aware that she stank badly, but this was forgotten as she knelt before Anra and removed his hand. Her words were not gentle as she cupped the area around his nose and took a deep breath.

“Hold still, this *will* hurt,” she emphasised, before channeling a small amount of energy to heal his nose. She had not broken anything, but there was a vein that she had hurt, which was causing the bleeding. As expected, he yelped.

And yes, Neon, more corniness *will* follow. 😀

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