[Nano] For XJay

“Grandmother!” the young witch had somehow made it to the top of the hill.

“My chi… what happened?” the witch’s voice was full of shock.

The young girl, who had been pale and sickly, was coming up the hill dressed in a simple black dress. The dress was quite similar to what the Eternal Witch wore, except that while on the Eternal Witch’s frame the dress hugged her hourglass figure, on the young witch it seemed to emphasise her lack of curves. Yet that was not what drew his eye. It was the red ribbon, tied simply around her neck, that drew his eye.

This was in addition to the fact that her hands were covered in blood, as were parts of her body.

“I killed her, Grandmother. She was going to kill Grandfather. But it’s ok, he’s here with me now,” Kishan could not understand what the girl was saying. As a Priest of Celeste, he could see with his second sight if the souls of the dead resided close by, but there was no trace of it on the girl.

“My child, what do you mean?” there was fear in the Eternal Witch’s voice, a fear that Kishan thought he would never hear.

“He says that it’s ok. That since Celeste is back, we can all finally be together. Wasn’t that the deal, Grandmother? That once Celeste came back, and you came back, we could be a happy family again?” the young girl smiled in a creepy way that sent shivers up Kishan’s spine.

“My child, yes, but I still have…”

“Grandfather says you don’t have to, not anymore. There’s no need for you to be a witch anymore,” the young witch raised her hands and fired.

She had a gun in her hand.

The shots rang out loudly in the clearing.

And this pushes my word count to 49355!

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