[Rant] Mute Pls/Thankful stuff

Things I am thankful for:

Friends who are extremely patient with me.
Family who don’t take shit from other family members.
My grandmother being alive.
That I am still alive.

Oh, and that stuff at the top? That’s what we basically say on Plurk when we’re about to start ranting, so please, feel free to ignore the rest of this post.

Dear Uncle

When I say that no, you cannot take my car, it means no. Asking me to lend it to you will NOT make me let you take my car off without me sitting in it. So no. That means if I propose an alternative to drive you instead, you do not make a sulky face at me. I was asleep when you called me, and you were damn lucky that I answered only because I thought something happened to my grandmother.

Also, your lack of manners is horrifying. I know my grandmother pounded manners into me, as did my father, who is your brother. So where did yours go? When a new person gets into a car, is it so hard to say, “Btw, this is so and so.” Apparently to you it is, so… why am I bothering to drive her and you around again?

Lastly, please do not misunderstand. This is NOT going to be a regular thing. If it is, then I have a simple solution.

Pay my petrol. I don’t care where we drive, the minimum charge is RM5. Too high? Then get a cab.

Cranky Niece


Dear Aunt

You know, you kinda spoiled your “epic” leaving SMS with having to justify your reasons. Please don’t try to guilt trip us, especially my father. If you really need to know, I don’t care whether you are a blood relative. You all taught me not to insult my grandmother, who is your mother. If you cannot extend that same respect to my mother, I do not see a reason why I should respect you.

Also, my family members are NOT your drivers. You do not ask someone who is in Malacca to rush home to PJ when they are in a meeting. Your mother is my grandmother. And SHE taught me that no matter what, work comes first if it is not a life-and-death situation. This was not such a situation.

Why yes, I am airing out all the dirty laundry. And I need a place to vent out the anger I have towards the way you have used my family, so excuse me. Unless you’d rather me keep the anger and let it turn to hate? :3

Angry Niece


I do not mind being an agony aunt, but there are times when I need to ask, is it that hard to use common sense? I’m not the person who you go to if you want your conscience/ego reassured.