[Nano] Describing body curves

So Ultra was trying to figure out a way to say hourglass figure without actually saying hourglass figure. In the interest of making more words, this is what we came up with:

Like ripe melons/mountains
Mounds of delight
Tall mountains and deep valleys
Like ripe nangka (jackfruit)

Curves in general:
Like a ripe gourd (not sexy enough)

7 thoughts on “[Nano] Describing body curves”

    1. Eventually said ‘ah sod it’ and instead of describing Character’s lovely figure as a whole, copped out and typed ‘generous bosom and willow-like waist’. Everything else was suitably purplefied.

  1. Curvaceous, statuesque/Junoesque, voluptuous, pulchritudinous, Callipygean (although that’s more for the backside)…

    Another good place to look is classic Arabian literature, they really knew how to wax rhapsodic on their feminine descriptions.

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