[Nano] Of torture and stuff

So I told Ultra that I’m being especially mean to my characters this year. Celeste has just undergone a painful procedure to remove the spike in her body with no anasthesia while Naoko is on the verge of being dismebered. Yes I have a reason for it all. Doesn’t make the scenes any more pleasant to write though. Here, have a quick excerpt:

“You’re awake.”

A rude voice made her open her eyes. This time it was not the construct that came to her. It was the man who had brought her the ambrosia. She wondered what he had wanted with her, and idly, wondered how much like a mortal she had become. She was delving into her childhood memories to stay alive, to remember this moment. There was vengeance to be had, and she would not let anyone deny her that.

“Do not move, Godling. We are going to remove you,” the man gestured, and around him, several burly men came. “Perhaps this would be better if you were unconscious, but then… maybe not,” he smiled.

She could not comprehend what he was saying. A moment later, they removed her chains. Then, just as quickly, two men stood on a ladder and grabbed her hands and legs on each side of her body. Another man went under her, holding the wheel in place.

“Now,” the man in front of her said, and it was then she comprehended their meaning.

They lifted her bodily from the spike that had chained her. She screamed in pain. The new skin that had threatened to meld itself to the wheel tore and fresh agonies coursed through her body. She could not think but for the pain. The sharp agony took over her mind completely, and it sounded as though she would not stop screaming.

A Divine Being does not need to draw breath in to scream.

The pain blocked out all reason.