Dec 1: Attack Plan

Aka things to do after Nano is over:

1. Clean desktop desk, possibly throw it out
I have way too many books and stuff on it that I think I can throw out now. There’s an empty box in my room that I’ll use for any income tax receipts. Will possibly throw books as well; I’ll be twitpic and FB-ing these books. Mom has a really bad sense of pricing things; I’m planning to sell most of these books for at least RM5 before postage. :3 So no, mom, you cannot have my books to sell.

2. Bookshelf next.
Some textbooks I’ll keep. Books that I intend to read over and over I’ll keep. Mangas that I no longer read (or the Chinese ones that I opened to look at pictures) will all go. Also getting rid of whatever hardware that does not work.

3. Comp desktop
Need to basically clean the desk, clean under said desk and clean the comp. Not quite sure if I wanna close Kuro’s side as I have issues with the video card. Next time I’ll get a bigger casing, or at least one with better ventilation. *sayangs her comp* Need to remove books and other materials I don’t read anymore.

4. Change bedsheets, send dolls/teddy bears for wash
This will be done AFTER I clear out the underside of my bed. I have quite a few boxes underneath, and I seriously am considering throwing most of them and their contents out. That said, this reminds me that if I do throw out my desk, I’ll need another cupboard.

4. Clean out clothing cupboard
A lot of dresses and skirts can go cause I don’t wear them. A larger number are not worn because they are meant for colder climates. That said, I need to clear out my bags. And my jeans. Why are jeans so expensive???

5. Wallpainting
This is optional and only applies if I manage to complete all these by the 10th of December. I want to change my wall colour from bright yellow to my old soothing blue. Mom painted the wall that colour when grandma stayed with us, and I hate yellow. Also, room has no ventilation. /rant

6. Sleep.

6 thoughts on “Dec 1: Attack Plan”

  1. Let me know if you find anything that’s mine; I’m not attached to them but I won’t be surprised if there’s some long-lost magazine or paper or something in there XD

  2. Off-topic, but I have your address and no name to attach to it. Do I just send it to Naoko? (E-mail me or PM me on LJ if you don’t want to discuss this in public! ^_^)

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