[Geekiness] Stuff to do

In addition to cleaning my room, I also need to spring clean my website. Which will hopefully happen after CF:

1. Clean up my resume
I have a website hosting my resume but it’s not quite updated. I’ll need to update it soon with a list of my work experiences and possibly my voice sample. There’s also the fact that I’ve been writing at Factoidz, so I’ll be linking to my work there too.

2. Create email addy for this blog
Currently all comments are directed to my personal email address, which is fine, as it is the same email address I use for professional purposes too. However, I do want to figure out to set up the admin AT geminianeyes.com address to point to my Gmail address. Yes, I know it’s quite overdue.

3. Reorganise and reupdate
I might want to clean up the front page and use a permanent template. Still thinking about this though.