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Thinking of Suikoden Tierkreis. Assuming that Tsundere = increased stats.

Neon (Support Star)
Passive Ability: Increase tendency to Tsundere.
Active Ability: Enable
When Neon is in your party, random maps appear more frequently with treasures within.

Billy (Active Party Member)
Passive Ability: Moe Finder
Active Ability: Berserk
When Billy is in your party, no law enforcement officer will stop you, even if you are robbing them blind (including swindling them).

Passive Ability: Multiple Personas
Active Ability: Organiser
When Juufan is in the party, more random NPC quests will open up. Note that if Neon is in the party, Juufan’s tsudere meter will increase.

Passive Ability: Tsun 100% in random battle
Active Ability: Return to Town for free anytime
When Shiro is in party, all stats are boosted by 10%. Tsun 100% activates randomly in battle more often with Neon around.

Passive Ability: Goal focused
Active Ability: Fangirlism
When Sairenmizuko is in the party, all quest goal markers are activated. Note that Sairenmizuko is the only member who is NOT affected by Neon’s Tsundere effect.

Passive Ability: Flip Table
Active Ability: Heal 100%
When Sringangel is in the group, all injury damage is lowered except in the case of Fangirlism mode. Then Sringangel receives a boost to stats but suffers from higher injury. Note if Billy is in the group, chances of random injuries to Sringangel will increase.

Passive Ability: Horrify
Active Ability: Summon Tenta Bunnies
When Tibbar is in the group, chances of enemies being dismembered violently (and thus unable to resurrect) increases by a factor of 5. However, whenever not in battle, Tibbar resumes a pet-like form that makes it easy to carry her. Normal carriers include Naoko and May.

Passive Ability: Fangirl Pika
Active Ability: Polite Reasoning
When Annachuu is in the group, party gets discount at all stores. However, note that chances of encountering the rabid fangirl mob increases as well.

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