Please help my sis!

Dear all,

My dog ran out of the house yesterday evening (Sunday) at about 5-6pm when my house guests accidently left the gate open a bit too long.

She is a mixed terrier, medium size, with a stumpy tail. She has short white hair with light brown spots. Answers to the name FRISKI. She is a friendly and playful dog …and as far as I have her, she has never bitten or snapped at anyone. She’s not wearing a collar (as I take it off when she is in the house).

Me and my sister went round looking for her last night but as it was dark we could not cover many grounds.

If you happen to see her around please give me (012-6598206) or my sister Melissa (012-2572188) a call. If you cannot get either of us, please call our house phone (03-51929206) – our house guests should be in. We live in Putra Heights Section 10.

Would appreciate your help to look out for her. Me and my sister will be so grateful.

Thank you.

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  1. Aw, that’s awful. Found her yet? I’m not sure where Putra Heights is, but if I find out I have friends around that area, I’ll ask them to keep an eye out. Good luck! *hugs*

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