Comic Fiesta 2010 Report

Quick note cause I’m too lazy to write more:

Long queue is very long. Over 11,000 visitors? That’s insane! This is quite a huge jump from over 9k the previous years. No wonder BTS couldn’t handle us. XD

Best Troll in Hall. XD Damn good contestants.

Missed Cosplay Comp. Didn’t really regret that. Missed the Industry seminar. AAAAAAAAA WHY DIDN’T I GO? Missed Phil Ortiz’s and Phil Yeh’s Industry Seminar. *headdesks*

Breakfast in the Hotel. Yummy!

Time with friends? ALWAYS AWESOME! Even if I did fall sick on the second day.

Meeting new people and having random people say that Ticketing was very helpful: <3 And now, back to your regularly scheduled programming. PS: DRR! IZAYA IS <3, Celty is OMGHAWTNESS, SQUEE WINDOWS 7 Nanami Madobe! Also WTF I respect this Facebook Cosplay, KYAAA TRUNKS! Oooo RO, Random Maid for the Win (thanks Silvy!) Darling Family esp Danzai no Maria and Pet, Oooo Hot Girls in Gantz, And so many more! Thank you my friends, you know who you are, for making this year's Comic Fiesta one of the best I've ever had! Also especial thanks goes to the committee. 😀 Get some sleep la!

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