[Family] Grandmotherly Updates

So for those who have been reading my Twitter updates, you’ll know that my grandmother is in the hospital. Cut for those who just want to skim over. We discovered that she was in pain last Sunday (second day of CF) when my godmother went to visit her. Apparently she had fallen down on Monday (though someone else said that it had been Thursday) and that was the cause of her pain. We took her to the hospital, and my brother and godfather spent hours waiting till a bed was available for her.

On Monday, the doctors thought my grandmother had a gall bladder stone after doing an ultrasound scan on her. She had to fast, and when I got back from CF on Monday, I decided to spend Monday night with her, despite having the flu. Turns out that I didn’t need to, but I’ll admit that I just wanted the opportunity to baby my grandma. On Wednesday, she was shifted into a ward; the doctors discovered that she didn’t have a gall bladder stone, but it was a stent that had been inserted some time ago. That stent had become loose and was now travelling from her gall bladder. It should come out within the next few days. This stent was also the cause of grandma’s pain over the past few weeks.

Wednesday came and my brother and me went to see Mama in the evening. She was much better and able to speak, even though she was a bit delirious and confused. Today, I went there again with my brother from 7pm to 10pm, as requested earlier by my godfather, to relieve my aunt. We reached around 7.15pm cause yours truly managed to take some jam-packed roads.

My grandmother was vomiting when we reached there. Bro and me cleaned her up, badgered the nurses about her medication, and watched anxiously as the doctor gave her anti-vomiting meds. Apparently my grandmother had been in pain since 2.30pm, which was when they first administered the painkillers. According to godfather and auntie, she was able to rest after that, but the pain flared up again at 6pm. My grandmother was again given painkillers, and when my aunt left around 7pm (before bro and me arrived) my grandmother was alright. However, the nurse mentioned that grandma had been vomiting after that, which was when we arrived.

After the anti-vomiting meds were administered, my grandmother went back to sleep. She slept for about 1.5 hours before awakening a short while and then going back to sleep. Bro and me left around 10pm. She was still a bit restless but drifting off to sleep. So yeah. That’s all the updates for now.

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  1. D: hope your grandma will be better soon!! *hugs* be sure that your bro and you rest well as well; it won’t do much good if you fall sick again >___>

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