[Dreams] Infected

They were trying to attack us.

We had been trained as a secret force, but not everyone was ready. I was not ready. So in trying to save others while showing off, I fell to the lowest level of the library. The darkness was unleashed, even if there were pockets of civilization that resisted this darkness.

Didn’t take long for us to discover that was the truth. Unexpected friends formed the vanguard while I was to fight. I was called the Chosen One, for my accident had proven that perhaps I was the best option to stop those beasts.

If by best option you mean a scared girl running around the city with a 6 foot scythe slaying people in a methodical manner.

The library was always the lowest level of the infection. Our task was instead to ascend to the top of the infection. We were to defeat something… but I do not know what. Uke was comforting me even when he was fighting. Sis too.

And now, back to sleep.