Eroge: Tortured Twins (White)

I came up with this while reading Shiro’s plurk. :3 Thoughts?

Overarching plot:
A demon sleeps in their village who haunts the dreams of twins. He is in love with the MC who is the reincarnation of his love, but she does not love him back. Rather, she was the one who sealed him away, and if he is unleashed, he will take revenge on all those who had imprisoned him. Said MC is also the descendent of the woman, strictly speaking perhaps one of the demon’s descendents? An angel is sent to ensure that the demon will not be released.

Cut to save the Flist.

Current story:
MC is the latest generation of twins. Every few generations a pair of twins will be born and they will grow up together, but only one will have a child while the other will be sent into the mountains to live a solitary life. It was first thought that because of her parents’ divorce, the MC would not be sent away, but when her twin returns all is thrown into chaos. To prevent her fate, the MC must prove she has a reason to stay, but what use would that reason be if her other half is sent away?

Note: There is an ending for all of the MC’s love interests to instead band together to protect the MC and her twin to destroy the demon, but this is dependent on several conditions:

  • Twin’s bad ending must have been unlocked at least ONCE
  • Harem good ending without the teacher must have been unlocked at least once
  • General bad ending must be unlocked once and the MC must have shared her nightmares with at least two other love interests

Tortured twin route:

  • Opening scene: Phone call from hospital about how MC’s dad has just passed away. Twin reappears in life of MC after disappearing for ages; their parents divorce had taken them away
  • Despite this, the MC feels a deep connection to the twin, and soon discovers that her twin has not changed much. Twin follows MC around and gladly takes parts in all of MC’s schemes and pranks
  • Twin starts attending school together with MC, starts fighting with the tsundere character
  • Library scene 1: Making out in the school library to tease the librarian, get caught by the new teacher (who is the Guardian Angel sent to make sure that the demon is not released)
    • If the MC chooses to listen to the teacher, then the twin path will be closed
    • If MC chooses to continue, then the harem and twin paths will be opened
  • Shortly after, it’s rumoured that the hauntings have begun. Everyone in the school seems to avoid the MC and her twin, believing them to be the source of the mysterious happenings in their school.
  • MC wants to investigate when one of her other love interests suddenly turn up half-dead. Twin begs her not to, but since her twin is so determined, promises not to leave her side
  • They break into the school at night one day and discover that there is a secret cult, right in their classroom. This cult surrounds them, and their leader welcomes them into the room, proclaiming them to be the “Chosen Ones who will save the village.” The MC tells her sister to stay behind her to protect her
  • At this point, said twin stabs MC in the back with a ritual dagger
  • MC wakes up to find self on an altar tied and a large shadow over her. Her Twin stands next to her, a bloodied dagger in her hand and her eyes glowing red. She explains that her sister, the MC, has been chosen to stay in the village. However, the MC will be bearing the children the Twin cannot have, and the demon appears.
  • At this point, there are two choices. MC either chooses to cry out for help or try to talk to her twin.
    • If relationship with Twin is high but Twin is not a romance interest, then Twin will waver. She will try to save the MC by offering herself instead as a sacrifice to the demon. If the demon has a low rating with Twin, it will not accept the sacrifice and will kill both Twin and MC- Generic bad ending?
    • If Twin is a romantic interest, she will say the chant to force the demon to slay the cult before losing control of him. Demon will kill her and somehow MC will get free. Twin dies in MC’s hands- Bad End
    • If Twin is Romantic Interest and has unlocked two Eroge scenes, same thing as the above happens except that the Guardian Angel will show up to kill the demon at the last moment. He will want to kill both Twin and MC as they are somehow channelling the demon’s essence but will spare them as their love for each other will seal the demon tighter than any other seal could. He will leave them be. Twin and MC promises to stay together forever. They open a Fujoyshi club. *runs* – Good end?

Other Love Interests:
– The Guardian Angel sent to ensure that the demon is not awoken by the Twins
– Childhood best friend who comes back to the village to “resolve matters”
– Creepy librarian with camera fetish
– Demon who haunts their dreams?

I’unno. Thoughts? đŸ˜›

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  1. Muahahhahahahah…

    How about changing the back story as the twins actually descendents of the tribe/people who sealed the demon? XDDDDD Then the MC being the reincarnation of the demon’s lover who had sealed him made nicer plot? XDDDDD Cursed love hahahahhahahahhaaa

    What….? I just rewatched Skyhigh~

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