[Shorts] White and Snow

Based on yesterday’s eroge. Need to finish the last ending, but I think these are ok for now. Might polish the first two later and rewrite them though.

Generic Good Ending: Cleaved in half
Generic Bad Ending: Angel’s blood on my hands
WTF I don’t know what they were smoking ending: Melt into you

Chapter 1: Cleaved in half

Someone was crying.

She thought that was irritating. Their tears stung her face. Her mind focused on that thought even as her body cried out in pain. Yet she was aware of the other sensations in her body. The pain from her stomach, as though someone had opened it up. Little bites and stings running on her limbs. A tear falling into the wound of her cheek. She opened her eyes to see her twin leaning over her, sobbing her heart out. Her sister had never looked so pathetic as she did now.

“Shi.. ro,” her mouth was dry as she struggled to form the words.

“Yuki, don’t speak! I’m so sorry, I hurt you,” her sister began sobbing again, and she found herself irritated, yet her sister was adorable that way. So stubborn, but so gentle too.

Her words though, brought memory back, and Yuki knew immediately why she was in her twin’s arms, pain racking her body. She had brought Shiro here, wanting to sacrifice her sister to the demon. It had been a ploy though, for only when the demon left its shelter could it be killed. What Yuki had not expected was the demon to take her body instead of Shiro’s. The angel had told her that the demon would choose Shiro as he desired the essence of a demon. As it turned out, he had desired her essence, and when he covered her she had allowed him to take over her. She hated her sister at that moment, hating her for everything she had accomplished.

When the demon had overtaken her, Shiro had reacted as she expected. Her twin tore herself from the altar on which she had lain, a pair of angel wings appearing and flaring out from her waist. Her hands had filled with raw power and the shining light emanating from her would have killed Yuki on the spot if the demon had not interfered. She could hear its voice in her head.

“Feed me your anger!” Yuki had obeyed, not because the voice frightened her, but because she was truly angry. It was not fair.

Shiro was Mama’s favourite child. Shiro was less studious than her and got worse grades, but people liked her more. Shiro had stayed in the village. Everyone had loved Shiro.

She wanted Shiro to disappear.

With that, Yuki’s willpower had actually overpowered the demon’s. Instead of him controlling her, Yuki found that she knew the spells he knew, that her demonic powers rivalled her sister’s. That she was her sister’s equal, and she hated her with all her being. The fight that followed was insane, to say the least. Yuki remembered throwing spells, parrying, blocking, attacking, defending… she had her sister’s ability in swordfighting, but she had lost in the end. Lost by literally a single hair.

Yuki looked up to Shiro crying. She could not see her sister’s face, but she felt very unsatisfied. Carelessness was what did her in in the end. Carelessness and the fact that her sister had kept up her sword training a bit longer than she had. Yuki had not anticipated the mistake she made.

“Ah, goodbye…” Yuki whispered, for she knew she was going. At least where she was going, she would not be haunted by her sister.

“No, Yuki, no!!” Yuki felt satisfied that the last things she heard was Shiro’s anguished cry.


Chapter 2: Angel’s blood on my hands

She parried the sword desperately.

Her sister did not let up. The blows landed quickly and precisely, as though she had been practising for ages. No, she thought as she ducked a stab that was meant to go through her eye, her sister had been practising. It was she who had been lackadaisical in her training. Ever since her twin had returned, she had sought every moment to reclaim her place. Yuki had taken it away so effortlessly, leaving Shiro to run after her. This investigation had been Shiro’s idea, but Yuki had taken it away from her. Within moments, it had all be shot to hell.

“You must die,” her sister spoke in a cold voice, as cold as the snow which was her namesake.

“Yuki, please, no!” Shiro pleaded with her sister.

“Die!” Shiro slipped, and Yuki took the opening.

The demonic blade slid cleanly into Shiro’s body, bringing Yuki close to her. Shiro reached out to cling to her twin, the one who was half her soul. She raised a hand and laid it on her sister’s cheek, even as she could feel her life’s blood slipping away. With a bitter smile, she whispered goodbye.

“You… win…” she spoke in a hoarse voice.

“Nee-san!” Yuki’s anguished voice was the last she heard before everything turned to black.


Chapter 3: Melt into you

The Demon

Author’s note: Too lazy to continue. Will probably finish this later. XD