On behalf of Ti…


So with all the other stuff happening around me (especially family crisis and floods) I haven’t been able to put as much of an effort on the San Fran Plan as I could. There is a website being set up with more info on my project and affiliate links, but I’m waiting on the designer to get back to me (she says she’s nearly done). But other then that, there is a lot of work to be done to make this happen in time.

I’ve had a LOT of positive feedback on the project, especially from people in San Francisco – but not as much money coming in. Some promises, but nothing materialised yet. My first goal is to get $650 for my deposit to CELLspace, which I still owe – this confirms my attendance. Then it’s $2000 for the airfare. The rest of the fees I can earn over time, but those are the biggest priorities.

Things I need help with:

Funding sources – due to bridging visa issues, I am not eligible for Australian grants or scholarships. I haven’t found any American grants that I qualify for (also due to residency). I did apply for $1000 from the Awesome Foundation but haven’t heard anything. If you hear of any other possible sources for money please let me know.

Media promo, especially blogs – I would like to send out a press release to various queer, politics, porn, local, arts media in Australia and the US but I do need help writing something up. I also would like my project posted on related blogs – for example, Becky Hunter’s interview of me. I do have at least one relatively famous person who’s promised to do a blog post, but again promises and results are two different things. So if you have any favourite columnists or bloggers that you think will like the San Fran Plan, please recommend it to them!

Sponsorship resources – it would help a ton if portions of the trip, especially the flight, could be sponsored. I’ve tried to contact Virgin but no dice, haven’t heard from AirAsia/Tony Fernandes, and may hit up Qantas soon. If you know of any companies that are willing to sponsor me or vouch for me or help me out, please pass my details on. What could be handy, for example, is them paying for my residency fees as a donation to CELLspace (maybe it can be tax-free??)

Jobs, freelance work, being hired – I’m open to any sort of suggestion, including things like modelling or webcamming, so long as it’s legit and pays OK. Here’s my LinkedIn profile for resumes. I can work in Brisbane, online, or elsewhere if travel expenses are covered.

Patrons, sugar mummies, mystery benefactors – you get the idea.

Donations! – of course! Every dollar helps!

Please pass this on – reblogs, retweets, emails, however you like. Every little bit helps for sure. Thank you so much!