[Work] First thoughs

So I started work yesterday on Monday and so far the place has been pretty awesome. Colleagues are friendly, the pace is pretty fast, and the aircon is controllable, so I do not freeze. Too often. 😀

That said, there are a few drawbacks. The area has literally no food. To get lunch, you need to drive out. However, there is a pantry area. I have to investigate to see if it has food and the like, but chances are there might not be as the office’s expansion is relatively new, so I’ve brought stuff instead. Yes, there is a pack of coffee, a box of tea, one instant noodle cup and tuna crackers in my drawer. There is hot water and apparently a microwave downstairs. Will need to see if said microwave is working. Nope, turns out it’s no longer there.

Hours are rather flexible for now. Apparently mobile office working is a possibility as long as you don’t work outside for too long (as in you come to the office at least once a day). I might give that a go, especially if the local McD has wifi. The only thing I have to complain about is the traffic. My cut-off time for leaving the house is now 8.15am instead of 8.45am for my previous job at Fuel Media. Otherwise, I’ll get into what is known as the famous Persiaran Kewajipan Jam. Yes, the jam is actually on Foursquare. Apparently after 8.30am the police leave and let the traffic lights take over, which I suppose accounts for the massive jam then. The annoying thing is that I’m still getting lost as I go home. Well, we shall see if tonight I don’t panic and make it home by the route I’m supposed to take.

My workload is both heavy and light. It’s light in between times and heavy otherwise. Seriously. Putting my brain to work to write copy has never been both more fun and more headache-y. Or that could be the Nescafe 3-in-1 regular pack I just finished talking. Hmm…

Oh yes, the office is also undergoing renovations, so there are some insects running around, which leads to the office stocking stuff like these. There’s no sucker, but it does make a loud noise, so I spent most of yesterday alternating between going “Aiep!” when someone touches me to get my attention or when the light goes off and I resist the urge to jump in my chair. Oh, did I mention that the air con can be controlled manually? It’s not centralised, so there’s a remote presumably to control the temperature. Which means no more freezing Patricia! 😀 Except when I forget to take my jacket out of the car like today. T_T

Also, FAST INTERNET CONNECTION! And I can surf almost anywhere as long as I get my work done. Only thing is… I sit with my back facing other colleagues. Do not want. 😛 But we’ll cross that line later.

And now lunch!

Edited to add: It would seem that GDocs no longer supports posting to blogs, even Blogger. This is immensely disappointing. 🙁

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