[Family] Limiting food?

My 3-year old nephew on my mom’s side (whom I adore because he’s a tough and plucky kid) was hospitalised for lung infection recently. Apparently part of the reason he fell sick was because his mom limited his food intake. By limiting his food intake I don’t mean that she didn’t let him eat fast food and the like. It was more like she put him on a crash diet with her, as she didn’t want either one of them developing a tummy.

Background: My cousin sister apparently still has a flat tummy. Fine for you, but to not allow your kid to eat because HE developed a stomach? That’s cruel.

I find that quite disturbing. I can understand limiting food intake to make sure he doesn’t overeat, or that he doesn’t eat only junk food and the like, but really, at a traditional family sit down with rice, beancurd, steamed fish, fried kai lan with sweet and sour chicken? Traditional Chinese foods which don’t have much oil, fats or anything?

I mean, what the hell.

Saying that I am disturbed is a major understatement. At least it underscores what I will never do with my children. If my kids want to eat, let them eat. If they want veggies (when their mommy hates them XD) then they shall have it. If they want steamed chicken or fruits, then they’ll have it. And you’ll can be goddamned sure that if we’re going out to eat with the family, I’ll let them feed him whatever he wants; junk food and whatever he’s allergic to aside.

Blergh. At least my nephew’s recovered. I do feel sorry for her that she got quite a bit of scolding apparently from the whole family, but that’s mom dealing with her. Raising kids in Asia is rarely a solo effort. For once, I am glad this is so.

Context: Nephew is usually looked after by his grandma in the day but stays with my cousin brother’s family, aka my cousin sis’s in-laws.

4 thoughts on “[Family] Limiting food?”

  1. That is MAJORLY FUCKED UP. Children and adults have DIFFERENT bodily needs! I’m sorry, but your cousin sister is behaving VERY irresponsibly by forcing her child to go on diet with her. At this time of life, children need all the varieties of foods available so they can grow. If she’s so worried about the kid being fat (hello, fat hatred!) then she should ensure your nephew maintains an active lifestyle. Depriving the child of food, however, at a time of life when the body needs all the nutrients it can get, is ridiculous, and not at all helpful.

    I’m glad she got a talking-to. Kids need all the love they can get from extended family!

  2. This is just insane! And this is a growing kid we’re talking about! He’s only 3, for crying out loud!
    Let the exercise routine come later in lofe for the poor kid! >(

  3. If your telling me the nephew is well over 15 years old, that I still can forgive.
    But for a 3 year old still under the Pediatrics ward, that her mother really deserves a smacking.
    No matter what, children of that age must take/eat everything and never restriction.

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