[Dreams] LJRP and Keropok

Dreamt that I created a LJ RP comm for Jhameia as she requested. The name of the Comm was “asne”, which is an anagram of Sane. Then I appointed Rueki, Juufy and me as the admin/mods. Somewhere alone the line, after using the comm to test two or three posts, we turned that into the OOC comm and Juufy creadted a new comm with a similar name that would use asne as a OOC comm. The hilarious part? I remember chasing Juufy to create that second comm.

I don’t remember whether it was a closed or open comm.

Also, in the middle of creating said comm, I dreamt that the reason why I asked Juufy to create the second comm was because I was on my may home from a trip. Along the way, I remember that I actually had to go into work for half-day and that I was supposed to go in at 2pm, not one. And it was not going to my new place. It was going to my old office. Hmm…

Apparently too someone turned the side of the road not too far from my house into a mini restaurant. They sold a lot of keropok varieties. I think there were at least 3—4 different kinds. The unique part of this? This is the second time that component has appeared in my dreams. Previously it was a chap fan stall. And no, that business near my house does not exist.


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