[Health] Episodic Asthma

Sore throat? Check.

Slight fever? Check.

Coughing like mad? Definitely.

Doctor’s conclusion? Episodic asthma. Caused by dust. Another symptom which I haven’t seen in years; also causes wheezing in the throat.

I rawr. Doc says better to stay at home cause I’m already developing a slight fever. Along with meds, she also gave me some dietary advice.

No fruit or fruit juices.

No dairy products.

No oily food or seafood.

Worst of all? No chocolate. She must have seen the look on my face, cause she quickly qualified that with a “It’s only for 3 days!” I laughed. I love my doc.

And now, meds kicking in so I sleep.

3 thoughts on “[Health] Episodic Asthma”

  1. I have the same thing without the fever and slight wheeze when it was bad.
    Don’t worry the meds will definitely work 🙂
    Cold water is a big nono after your better too. Cuz it’ll make it come back. I think I kena a few 2-3 times relapse becuz I took cold water =w=;;;
    Fruits is still ok after your cough is almost completely gone.
    I still take choco like nobodies business its harmless I think depending on what your allergic too.
    My case was cold air. :X

    1. Hahaha, I don’t know how to avoid it. Planning to drink a lot of tea at the office tomorrow, but then also the aircon is cold. ><" Think my doc told me to avoid it to be safe. But ahahaha.

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