[Dreams] Urgh politicians

I had a very disturbing dream that I did not, on purpose, take down the details. It’s very disturbing in a very “ew” sort of way. However, I would still like to record it, and when you realise that dreams are your brain’s and subconscious way of sorting through the day’s events and memories, the sequence makes sense. Famous names have been omitted, friends have not. 😀

The keypoints:
– Attending a performance organised by an airline (?) in which Ti took part. Said performance also had a few politicians in attendance (or just one, I’m not too sure)
– This politician came to me, wearing my Saya costume, or rather, wearing something similar cause WTF it fit his humongous shoulders, asking me for advice on how to deal with his estranged Chinese wife, who is also someone famous. Here’s the thing: I knew, intellectually (and even in the dream), that he was married to a Malay woman, but for some reason people knew his partner was the Chinese gal. I told him to go and talk to her to clear up the misconception between them rather than listen to rumours.
– I went home after the event to find my computer had been tampered with. My chargers had been replaced and Kuro had some weird stuff in his hardware. Complained to dad who told me that technicians from the “Z-something” company had come over to fix HIS computer and rewired mine too. Cue me flip table.

And now, back to sleep.

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