[Dreams] Zombies and Monsters

Someone in Malaysia had the zombie virus. It spread fast.

But before that Zombie virus, I dreamt that my family and me were staying in Berjaya Time Square Hotels. We were using the ventilators to get from oen place to another. Or rather the service entrances. Those were shortcuts after all.

While we were using those walkways, I came across a monster I knew was evil. He was in the building opposite us. I went back to the room and told dad. His immediate response was to pack the entire family up and take us away. We told no one that we were leaving, not even the hotel staff to let them know that they should start barricading themselves.

Then I realised I forgot something very important. Dad drove back and I rushed back into the hotel to get it. Daylight was beginning to cover the city, and somehow I knew these creatures could not live in the sunlight. As we were leaving the hotel, the staff began barricading their hotel, indicating that the creatures had made it over to their side.

We took my mom and bro up north. Then I realised that I’d left Rydeen behind, but there was no way we could turn back. Somehow, after dropping off my bro and mom, I found myself back in PJ. People were trying to live the semblance of a normal human life while I was still looking for my laptop.

I was apparently due to work at this one cafe cum theme park place. The majority of people here were healthy and did not seem overly concerned about the threat outside the walls. I left the cafe after playing a round of Boggle with Silvy using our old exercise books. Sil was there as a visitor I think.

Then I went to the church because I needed to run an errand there. I met a few friends. Or rather, I first went into the church to get something, and then came out to pick up those friends and guide them in the church. While I was outside, I came across kids coming home from school. One of them looked as though he had been bitten by a zombie and was turning into one, but before I could call the police into taking action (the policeman was on a horse on the main road) the boy disappeared.

The Church was St Ignatius Church, so after that I guided my friends around. Somehow one of my friends was emotionally disturbed after his treatment (I think it was vaccination?) and I gave him a hug. Somewhere along the hug, from me comforting him, he began to comfort me.

Then we walked around the church some more looking for the other two friends. And then I woke up. And had thoughts of zombies running through my head.


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