Recipe: Quick Bacon Rice

Day old leftover rice
1.5 slices of streaky bacon
1 egg
Some water, oil, salt and pepper

Slice streaky bacon into strips and half. You should get some nice fat pieces and non-fat pieces. Beat egg, add salt and pepper to egg (I used 2 eggs instead of one, so my rice became quite a yellow mess). Heat oil on medium-high fire (not too much oil, just a teaspoon or less will do) and fry fatty bits in the oil. Wait till they turn a bit brown on one side.

Now add non-fatty bacon. Fry a bit more till they turn a bit crispy. When they are sizzling, add enough water just to cover the bottom of pan. Reduce for 10 seconds, add in rice and stir with spatula till the water has evaporated/coated the rice. Ensure rice covers the bottom of pan. Now, you can add the egg in.

Mix rice, bacon and egg mix till desired dryness is reached. Serve and eat with sauce of liking.

Total time taken: 15 minutes (including prep time)