Today is a rage day

Internet in the office is wonky, and when I went to McD to work, it also turned out to be quite wonky. Took me one hour to get online. Doesn’t help that Mizuiro is also dying, so looks like I’m definitely getting a new phone next month. The only question is whether I should go completely touchscreen and get either the Nokia N8 or the Satio or if I should spring for a Blackberry Curve/Bold 2,depending on which is cheaper. Yes this also means visiting the DiGi Centre at Solaris this weekend.

Today I also raged at mom via SMS for destroying one of my blouses. I apologised to her within 40 minutes though. It was a rash action on my part and the thing is, mom and me actually managed to have a civil conversation about said blouse not long after. She thinks the buttons make it look nice, I think buttons on a blous like that makes it look VERY 80s. Will also need to lecture mom on my taste in clothing. She’s lectured me enough on mine. XD

Then there’s also a new 2 minute trailer on YouTube (no, you can go find the link yourself) on this anime about Hang Tuah. There’s quite a bit for me to hate in this anime; the production values doesn’t look like it’s progressed much from the “syiok-sendiri” era of the 1990s, the opening song is horrible, and the keris looks just so wrong! I’m not sure whether it’s Gonzo or Finas to be blamed. The trailer basically screamed to me of Government meddling, cause you can feel any life that might have been breathed into this production has been completely strangled by the importance of “showing who’s calling the shots”.

Did I also mention that I feel very tempted to delete my Facebook account? The new Facebook fanpage is directly responsible for my productivity drop this morning. I spent 80% of my time trying to find options that have been hidden unnecessarily (like editing photo captions in a batch as opposed to individuals) and discovering that I am unable to message all users who’ve liked the page AND unable to change my ads’ creative. WHAT THE HELL, FACEBOOK?

Ok, back to banging my head.