[Rants] Is that the only solution?

So, according to P1, my area is over congested and for some reason, the new base stations are not up yet. When I pointed out that I had excellent connection over the past few months, the CS rep mentioned that it could have been a timing issue; a lot of students would have gone home for the holidays, meaning less people were on the network.

Now, none of this is new to me. This though, is new. It happened a few months ago, but since they repeated the suggestion, I might as well post it up.

CS Rep: As we mentioned before, you might want to send in your modem and we’ll keep it for you till the new base stations are up and there’s no more congestion issue in your area. You wouldn’t have to pay anything during that period.

Me: Ok, so are you guys going to provide me with a temporary Internet line as well? Cause I need this for work!

CS Rep: Errr… we can’t do that.

Me: Then how am I supposed to be connected to the Net?

As expected, they had no answer for me. And before any “intelligent” beings suggest UniFi, the bloody thing is NOT available in my area.

*stabs stuff*