Talking to my computer with windows 7

This is what I tried to get my computer to say. It hurts.

Talking to my computer is quite interesting. Really, home starting to enjoyed dictating to my computer instead of writing to it. Learning how to use my computer to talk is quite an interesting experience. The commands are not that hard to learn but the problem is, actually remembering the commands.

That said it is quite to use. The computer takes time to learn how you speak. Doesn’t also help that it does not work in all programs. Surprisingly, it doesn’t quite work in Notepad but that could be a problem simply with the encoding. Trying to get this to work on Q10, was simply a nightmare. I suspect this is because Q10 is not a Microsoft product. This speech to text recognition product, was created for Microsoft stuff. I think it requires the insert box which is why my commands didn’t quite work.

Well, that’s a very short paragraph or rather two paragraphs. Trying guess how long it took me to write that, or rather to dictate that.

Go on, take a guess.

And yes I am trying to speak in a very serious tone.

If you said 5 minutes, you seriously give me too much credit. Just that last sentence alone took me 10 minutes to get right. And yes I am not sitting at the keyboard. You will probably see some punctuation corrections after this which I will indicate, but generally, this thing is not half bad.

The thing about this programme is that it encourages you to speak in full sentences. So if you like to speak in short sentences like what I do, you must be prepared for a lot of editing. The funny part is, that last sentence was supposed to read, yes, be prepared for a lot of editing.

Is there a learning curve? You’ve got to be joking. The learning curve is so low, I’ve just spent 2 minutes trying to get it to spell the letter E which it seems to think he’s E.

You know what? I’ll just go have dinner, it’s not worth the trouble. Why do I do this to myself?