[Dreams] Getting gadgets

I just woke up from a very pretty dream in which I spent my salary on getting a brand new Samsung tablet, Samsung phone and the controversial novel Interlok (secondary school version). Did I mention the tablet and phone were running Android?

Did I buy them or were they review units? Not sure, but they were sure fun to play with.

I didn’t really play much with either the phone or the tablet cause apparently I was serving in the army, and we were trying to access our emails. Emails which had been blocked to us by hackers redirecting the page. The guy in charge of that was trying to get access by going into C:/ prompt. No, he was at the login page and was entering some command prompts to access.

Then I dreamt one of my old colleagues came over to borrow a car. Specifically a car to get around with for the day. Also dreamt about the uke and CF friends. Apparently all of us were in the military. Which is amusing in itself. We were rookie trainers though.

Hello transdimensional dreams. It’s been a while.