[Dreams] Wisps of a dream

Title’s caused I only wrote the dream down when I had been awake for more than 10 minutes.

Dreamt that I got lost on the last day of work. I somehow ended up in Kuala Selangor instead of my workplace. The town was relatively clean but was messy as they had just finished an event. The Chinese temple had been burning offerings to the dead I think. It must have been somewhere close to Chinese New Year or Qing Beng. The police were there and what I found unusual was the Malay police also involved in burning hell money. I remember thinking, “The souls of the dead, even the Muslim ones, must be suffering in the afterlife due to no offerings made for them.”

Then I tried to leave the town to go to work. But this time I was quite tired and terrified for it was already 9am and I was going to be spectacularly late for work. No idea how I could have taken the wrong turning but when I tried to follow the instructions aka signboard to go back to work, I ended up making a huge circle in the town (this is very normal in Malaysia, the signboards are a lie!).

I met up with my colleague who apparently lived there; told him about the event and we agreed to go to work together cause he was also on his way. He had completely forgotten about the festival and thus did not take any photos to be used for our company. The funny thing is that he also seemed to be just as blur as I was in finding a way out of the town with me, and we had to ask a friend whom I haven’t seen since I left Sunday School how to leave.

The city was by the seaside though, it’s been such a long time since I felt its breeze on my cheek. The houses were mainly wood? Also, we weren’t using cars to get around; I think they were segways.

Nghrrhh. *rolls to work*