My Wish – Rascal Flatts

My wish for you
Is that this life
Becomes all that you wanted to
Your dreams stay big
Your worries stay small

This is right.

Where I am supposed to be. Where I am now. Where I will be.

It feels right.

I started work at my current company this week. It’s been something of a mishap; I came to work late cause I thought work started 30 mins later than it actually did. I didn’t get my computer till mid-week. Took over an hour to get my accounts sorted out (thanks to HSBC’s system bleh) and am a bit blur in the office.


Awesome colleagues are good. I’ve got colleagues who stop by for a chat now and then to see how I’m doing. My mentor takes the time to ensure that I’m ok and am settling in. I can pop into my boss’ office at almost anytime, cause I know she’ll be there. Or at the very least, I can run by ideas by other colleagues.

The support system beyond the immediate company is tremendous. They’ve got a website that’s a sort of mini-social networking that actually functions. It’s active with a lot of non-Asian-based staff, but I’ll explore it if I have more time on Monday. There’s also a site with self-learning courses for us to take; I’m going to bug my HR on Monday for that one too.

Oh, and yes, I am really, really happy with my workload and my workscope. Not very satisfied with my own speed though; I know I can do better and faster than that, so I’ll expand on it on Monday. Lots of things to do and I’m quite happy with my life.

Also, ending at 5pm is awesome (starting at 8 is also awesome, though am working on inability to go to bed at 11.30 pm now whoops it’s 12.48am now). Fixed lunch hour is also awesome. Silent office? Not so. But we shall see!

Also, I may have a bit more of a social life now and I think that helps a lot. Not having to do a 40 minute commute is also nice.

And now, sleep!