Traces of a dream

Earthquake happening. Running. Was in car when hit. Car had my emergency backpack. Took it and then we waited for the earthquake to stop. I was in the Philippines I think,. but the outside of the area looked like Kota Kemuning.

The devastation was great. Buildings fell and people were dead. I opened the main office door after getting down from the car and was relieved to know most people inside were safe. Prayed over the bodies; I think someone resurrected and we were all pretty meh about it. It seemed like it happened often.

Went back to the car to retrieve supplies. As we returned, someone was outside singing Sejahtera Malaysia. Uke went to town to look for help. I missed his departure. At the end of her singing we made our way towards the hall of the building. Inside there was a mini concert happening with people dressed in rich clothing. Uke apparently came back to drop off a guy he had rescued and went off. Chased after him.

No, Philippines is not known only for their concerts. Had a minor disagreement with someone. Then we agreed to go to the City to find the uke and to report our building. In the car, we were watching current movies.

Urgh sleepy..