[Health] More Health Bar Required

Went to see the doc today as I woke up with an unusually warm body and I couldn’t keep my eyes open. Instead of being diagonosed with a fever or a cold or even exhaustion, I was diagnosed with lactose intolerance acting up. Which is quite odd to say the least, because I thought I was doing a pretty good job of keeping it down.

Basically she took my temperature, counted my heartbeats and then checked my tummy. Her diagnosis was the acid in my stomach was causing the gas I felt and the rest of my symptoms. I’ve been purging and passing soft faeces for a few days now, and thought nothing of it. ~_~ Also the random aches and pains I’ve had once in a while is caused by this. OTL

So she’s given me meds to bring down the gas and a strict diet. No wheat and milk products for three days. Plain tea is fine. No seafood either.

In other words, the same diet I pretty much had earlier this year orz.

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  1. Only three days? Aren’t lactose intolerant people supposed to avoid dairy in general? (And why no wheat or seafood? *confused*)

    1. Depends on the severity of your intolerance. All things considered mine is pretty mild, and I think my doctor is just being overcautious. I rarely, if ever, have such a strong reaction to dairy (then again, I have taken quite a bit of milk recently…).

      She did recommend porridge and lots of clear soup though.

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