[Governance] Free email add? DNW!

This piece of news is just…

Wow. Seriously, BN Government, don’t you have BETTER ideas? Really? An EMAIL address to be handed out to all Malaysian adults over 18 years old so you can have “direct and secure communication between citizens and the government”???? Yet by that same token, you CANNOT enable automatic voter registration?

My brain feels like it’s going to explode from the sheer absurdity.

Look, I understand that you want to create a one-stop portal (which apparently includes citizen application development, so tell me why my friend who’s father has been contributing almost patriotically loyally to this country’s economy for the last 30 years STILL getting his citizenship rejected?). I can understand that you want to make it easy for people to sign up. You want to have secure communications with the people, sending them government notices and what not.

My question is, WHY THE HELL DO YOU HAVE TO GIVE OUT SUCH ADDRESSES? It would be far simpler to simply make a form and let people fill in the details themselves, right?

Someone also just pointed out to me that besides monitoring on its citizens, this 1Malaysia email thing could also have privacy issues. For one, does anyone still remember when the Tunisian government hacked their citizen’s Facebook accounts? Why would anyone trust their government?

Especially this Federal government.

Should I have a wtf is this stupid category?

2 thoughts on “[Governance] Free email add? DNW!”

  1. It sounds like a Trojan horse to me. Not to mention a chance for government contractors to make a tidy profit out of yet another needless project.

    1. First they said that they had awarded the project to Tricubes and implied they were going to bail them out. Now they’re saying it’s a private initiative by Tricubes. Bleh.

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