[Dreams] Haukoki?

I only have slivers of this dream as I sat down to write it after I showered. PC was off due to thunder:

– Baited and argued with someone about our next course of action. We were the keepers of this world, yet we were not sure what would be our next step. I remember baiting that person though, if for no other reason that I disliked her personally. Yes I know where this is leaking from in Real Life.

– Deru was there! We had to do a spell to go back in time/enter the world of Haukoki (yes the short form name of that anime/game), and Deru was among those who were picked. She was among the group of 4 going in at the early stages, with me and the girl I fought going in at stage two.

– Deru recording a voice over. Almost everyone went out visiting, leaving a few of us in the house. I decided to take a shower as I didn’t know when we get another one. As I came back, I overheard Deru recording/practising some of the dialogue they used in Haukoki.

Dear body

Hot, humid nights aren’t an excuse for weird dreams. Thanks for waking me up in the cool morning to switch off my comp before the thunder hit.