[Politics] Choose or stay out

So the latest news out of Putrajaya is Najib telling voters that they have to choose between MCA and Pakatan Rakyat. For those who don’t know, MCA is a component party in the National Coalition (Barisan Nasional, aka BN). BN is the ruling coalition in Malaysia, born from racial politics during Malaysia’s birth. The MCA is the component party tasked to look after the Malaysian Chinese interest, hence Najib’s and Chua Soi Lek’s (the MCA president) recent remarks.

Now, if you read the actual newspiece, it’s not half as incidenary or flaming as the Malaysian Insider points it out to be. Basically all Najib and CSL is saying that you cannot expect to have strong representation in the government if you do not choose the candidates put forth by MCA. AKA asking the Chinese to vote for a Chinese candidate to look after their interest. On the surface level, this makes sense. After all, if you don’t have any candidates representing you in the government, then how do you expect to have a voice? Also, if you are voting BN out, then why in the world would you still want a voice in said part?

However, there is a simple flaw in this reasoning. It ONLY works if, and I stress on the word if, the BN government is returned to power. Which is something I hope will not happen. After all, if Pakatan takes over the Fed Govt, then this threat is revealed to be just nothing but empty words.

Ok, time to head home. I have a headache now from last night’s wedding party. Orz.