[Shorts] Dedicated to Neon

Had the itch to write, but no idea what. Please note that this story is NOT for resale or redistribution except with permission (those who are mentioned in the story are of course exempted from this). Cut to save F-List:

Summary: 17 years ago, a tiny meteor landed with the summer meteor shower. A young couple found a woman who had just given birth to a baby next to the meteor. There was nothing they could do for the woman, but they did manage to save the baby. As the woman, lay dying, she mouthed only a single name.

“Shu…” was the name of the black-haired baby.

Odd things happen with this child. Her sister, Shiori, was born 17 months after Shu was found. On Shu’s first birthday, there was a massive blackout in the entire country, which was dubbed the Tefnut incident, as the blackout seemed to have originated from the Egyptian exhibition that was being held at the time.

On her 7th birthday, she and her sister went missing in the nearby park. While searching for them both, her father came across a man in a trenchcoat comforting his two children. When he shouted at the man to get away from his children, the man smiled and turned to flash him before running away. Shu and Shiori though, were never flashed, oddly enough.

And on Shu’s 17th birthday, the truth about her origins are revealed. Five paths lay before her, each marked by a different person.

The stoic glasses boy with a penchant for rice.
Her sister and best friend Shiori who doesn’t want anything to change.
The quiet, cynical and cool boy who seems to follow her everywhere.
A creepy, female student with a penchant for bunnies and tentacles. And HER twin.

An intro begins:
Song: Beyond the Bounds (Less Vocal)
Theme: Lost Souls
Genre: Eroge (?)

Message from the dying stars,
Erase the memories
Stars are the witnesses of our existence
Nothing is meant to last
Just in the break of dawn…

She had been found in the forest. Next to a crater, in fact. The baby was not alone though. Beside her lay a woman, half-dead from the labour. The man and his wife had tried to save the new mother, but it was to no effect. Only a name passed her lips, which they christened the baby with.


The years would pass.


“Shiori! You’re going to be late!” her mother called out to the stairs.

There was a flurry of steps. At the dining table, an elder girl bowed towards her father and then her mother, picking up her bag.

“We’re off,” she said. Her father grunted non-committedly.

“Be careful,” her mother warned, “And come back as soon as you’re done in school.”

“Alright, mother,” she left the kitchen, even as her sister came rushing in, ties and hair askew.

“Shu-onee-sama! Wait for me!” her sister pleaded.

Shu, of course, waited at the door for her sister. They were rarely, if ever, separated.


“Is something bothering you, sis?” Shiori asked as they turned the corner.

“Hmm?” Shu looked up from her book.

“Mother seems unusually worried,” Shiori pointed out.

“I don’t think it’s anything to worry about,” Shu replied.

“Oh, that reminds me!” Shiori clapped her hands in a small gesture, “Have you decided what you wanted for your birthday?”

“My… birthday?”

“Yes! That must be what Mother was worried about! Your 17th birthday is coming soon, isn’t it?”

“It is…?”

“Oh come on, sis! Don’t tell me you forgot your own birthday!”

As Shiori continued to babble, Shu tuned her out. The mention of her birthday had brought with it unwelcome feelings inside her. It felt like her entire body was humming as her birthday approached, as though something was about to happen.

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