Surviving the night

Went to sleep later than usual last night because I was finishing up some work and then cause I didn’t feel sleepy anyway.

An hour or so later, I got up to have a bit of milk because I couldn’t stand the hunger pangs. I wasn’t really hungry yet my body demanded food, to the point I felt that familiar “angin” (or wind in Malay) in my tummy. That didn’t work out, cause my body decided to rebel against me. I had delayed in getting it food and I would have to deal with a migraine that got steadily worse. Had a few bites of burnt corn mom bought for my dinner earlier that I didn’t finish. Then I tried to sleep.

Lying down on the bed made me feel worse. It felt like something was stabbing me in the eye. I stayed awake for another two hours or so, curling in different positions, reading a book, and even playing games to get take my mind off the pain. Didn’t work. It felt like half my brain, especially the left side of the brain, was rebelling. Whenever I moved or held my head in a certain way, it felt like there was a liquid sloshing in my head carrying the pain around. I doubted taking painkillers would have helped.

As I had begun coughing again at this point, I decided to try something I haven’t done since Zero’s wedding; puke and hopefully the pain would go away. It worked; in a fashion. The pain was still there, but suddenly I had drifted off into sleep and woke up just as sudden. Discovered that having a darkened room helped, but keeping my room dark artificially (aka by switching off the monitor) didn’t work. The pain got worse. Instead, I had to curl up so the light from the monitor wouldn’t keep me awake and allow it to dim naturally, then I would fell asleep.

Woke up a few hours later and here I am. The pain’s gone but the humidity of the day remains. Why do I feel like I just suffered some kind of heat-related illness?