Chinese dramas on free tv

Something I’ve noticed about the various Chinese dramas on NTV7 over the past year or so. The production value has gotten much better compared to its early days. If a show’s set during a certain period, efforts are made to at least simulate the feel of the age, and one drama not too long ago actually got quite a bit of their sets right.

Even if they did end up with a large cement wall in the background by accident.

The past few dramas I’ve caught snippets of though, make me despair. The one currently showing in the 10pm slot irritates the hell out of me because it feels so unrealistic, shallow and one-dimensional. I just watched a scene in where the hero is jailed for a crime he did not commit.

His wife tracks down her brother who can clear her husband’s name. He refuses and runs away. The heroine’s mother then accuses the heroine of being selfish for she thinks of no one but her husband since she married.

Now, the heroine was forced by her parents, including said mother, to marry the man to settle the father’s debts. So no one can fault her if she decides to point out that her brother’s a selfish asshole who deserves what he gets, right? In fact, I’d think anyone in that position would have resorted to more emotive and angry-filled words.

She just says instead, “Brother, you must take responsibility for your actions.”

…. Personally I’d have said, “You coward and useless piece of shit,” followed by a long litany of how his ass was saved by the husband and that his and mom’s cosy life would be ruined if his bro in law was not rescued.

I suppose there’s a reason why I’m no scriptwriter.