[Poem] Summer’s Tears

Found this while cleaning my room. Wrote this during a breakup years ago:

The summer rains are here
The summer sun set to sear
A woman’s face smiles
Her heart hidden beneath files

The secrets that she kept
The tears that she wept
Releasing a bird never felt more painful
Neither did suicide so beautiful

Too many friend she has
To some her soul laid bare
Yet the only one she wants
Is the only one who is a friend

How do you go back
And become just friends?
What medicine could you take,
To firmly accept a love’s end?

Pain beyond measure
Nagging without censure
Her parents don’t care
She knows no trust there

A book, a tool, an instrument
Things tangible on this firmanent
They’ve seen the depths of her pain
To see a happy soul now slain

A lone spirit, set adrift
The heaviness she cannot lift
Her tears will not fall here
Not when behind grandma slumbers

Cry when you’re alone
When loneliness cuts to the bone
Keep close to you your phone
In case he calls, and hears your voice.