[Civicness] A candle lit…

I received this from a very good friend:

A friend of mine is holding a candlelight vigil on Aug 1st in honor of his 3 year old son who had to have an organ transplant. So he’s holding a candle light vigil to bring attention to organ donation and to say thank you to the unnamed person who donated so that Kaden could live.

I’m not going to lecture you on how organ donation is noble, and how it is an act that can save lives. I’m also not going to lecture you on how many religions, especially Christianity, Islam and Buddhism, hold organ donation to be one of most noble acts of charity one can do.

I am, though, going to remind you that it doesn’t take much to light a candle and say a prayer. I’m going to light one tomorrow and say thank you for that tiny life being saved.

And that reminds me, I need to find out where I put my organ donor card.