[Dreams] Careless whispers

They were people I cared about deeply.

They had gone to report to the police something that they had seen. Instead of investigating, the police threw the both of them into the lockup. It was a harrowing time. I was still working at my old workplace and I was distraught. Turns out that they had been given bad advice or something.

You see, they had lodged that report after they consulted an acquaintance of mine. In real life, this acquaintance is someone I don’t like very much. In this dream, it was after they had spoken to him that they had been arrested. When I saw him next I was screaming at him in the coffee shop. One of the reasons why I hated this guy was that he affected a careless and blameless attitude when it was something he caused but did not want to take responsibility for.

I was with another companion. We were climbing up a steep hill. There was something about Sound Horizon, but I remember that hill. It was a normal hill till you reached near the top. Then the stone stairs became cushions, and one could sit on it if one wanted. It was comfy, except for the insects and the birds.

Small birds were stuck onto the moss. I tried to free some of them, but they freed themselves and soon were flying. There were also other small creatures, but they were in black and gold, looking as though they were made of plasticine. Somehow I knew they were. as I watched, one struggled to get something out of its body. I would have helped to pull the metal piece apart from him but I hesitated, for I did not know what its original shape looked like.

We stood on the top of that strange hill. Behind us, were a pair of doors. I knew we had to enter those doors.

I woke up, but my dream had not ended. I dreamt that the door opened, and something pulled the two girls in. They had to escape, and thanks to their many layers of petticoat dressing, they were able to slip out of their plasticine-ish monster. They had to continue down a corridor to escape though.

As for me, it took a long while after that dream to calculate how long the police could hold that one dear to me for. Then I realised he was ok, and I began to write on the comp about this vivid dream.