Almost to term…

In June, I turned 27.

This year will mark the first time in over 10 years that I’ve changed jobs three times in less than 8 months.

It will also mark the first time in years that I’ve taken an unofficial break from work. Last year, between May to January of this year, I did not work full-time, but made my way part-timing instead. The results were mixed. I’m not really cut out for freelance, I realise, unless it’s the kind where I can set my own hours doing something routine, like call center customer service. It was an interesting experience. I love being a writer, and doing anything else but that means me being miserable. That’s not to say that writing is completely stress-free or free of pain, but this is a familiar pain that reminds me I’m alive (while I may sound like a maschoist, I would like to assure the reader that I am NOT. I’m not a fan of pain).

The year has also been full of personal landmarks. Mama passed away last year, just after Christmas. Since then, my family has sold off the house and moved into hers. It’s much smaller than my old room, but it feels a bit less impersonal. No, I’ve not felt my grandmother’s spirit haunting me even though I do sleep in her room. I have felt a little bit more lonely though, cause I don’t have my Mama to disturb. It’s the physical things I miss the most; leaning my head against her shoulder, having her pat my head.

It’s all the small little things.


On the geeky side, being a bit more free than usual means I’ve had the time to dip my toes into a few places. Google+ is now one of my favourite places to be, half because I’ve been a bit more selective in the people I add there, and also because it’s much cleaner and nicer compared to Facebook. Social media wise, here’s what I have opened more or less all the time:


In more or less that order. My dad lent me his HTC Incredible S while I am waiting for my phone to be released in Malaysia… *wanders off to check on the availability* And it seems that Canada already has it. BRB clawing at wall. I’ve been waiting for this phone for months, and if it’s really as nice to type as it suggests, then it’ll be a handy backup to my laptop during Nanowrimo. And I can stop making weird typos on Dad’s Incredible S (called Kuro-Keitai temporarily, aka black handphone).

Coming back to the point though, a smartphone really makes engaging in social media a breeze. It’s not something you can ignore anymore if you work for a tech or media company in Malaysia. Nearly all online Malaysians have a Facebook account. Brand-wise, engaging in social media is important, IMHO, if you have a clear idea of what you’re doing. Otherwise, take your time to figure out exactly what you have to do. The key thing to remember about social media when engaging with others as a brand is that you’re not expected to be corporate all the time. You ARE the image your brand promotes, so if the brand’s a hip, grinning, and young-feeling kind of brand, then talk in that way. Don’t be stiff!

*looks back on what has been written*

Ok I think that’s a wrap.

PS: Cookies for those who can guess what the title refers to! 😛

3 thoughts on “Almost to term…”

  1. I love things clean and simple, so naturally G+ > FB.
    Then again, I’ve had dislikes over FB even before G+. =p
    But like you, I’m selective of who I add there as well, and it’s much more private. (Expect random bouts of fangirlisms there LOL)

    Eventually, I preferred Twitter over Plurk because it’s clean and simple too. Even though I got Plurk before I got Twitter and Plurk seems a bit more organized in terms of replies, Twitter is much more real time and engaging.

    Smartphone wise, yes, it does make engaging in social media a breeze. When I was still with Kuro, I hardly wanted to Tweet or Plurk because it’s a hassle to do so on an old feature phone.
    Now with Reiji, and with the addition of the G+ app, I believe if there’s a day you see no activity from me on these 3 platforms, something is quite wrong. *laughs*

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